Friday, January 14, 2011

Marky Mark?

Entered a challenge on cgfeedback that only lasts a week. Challenge was a quick linkeness. Not sure I succeeded but it was fun. The model was done 98% in sculptris from a sphere. The rest was zbrush tweaking.
Hair renders done with shave hair and P_hairTk. SSS render in vray.


Dmitriy Schuka said...

Great work

Andrew said...

Wow nice modeling??
Is Vray 2.0 for max or 1.5??

Brett Sinclair said...

Vray for maya :p 1.something hehe.

Andrew said...

For Maya? yeah, is an interesting choice!
Vray for Maya works perfectly as Max?

Brett Sinclair said...

I'm still a beginner with vray. It has some interesting features. Not familiar with max and vray though.